J05-LVPA-K-01-0062, Development of cables and overhead lines condition monitoring and failure identification devices for the electricity distribution network (together with JSC “Protronika”)

J05-LVPA-K-01-0041, Development of smart HV and LV systems (together with JSC Elektros inžinerija)

Analysis of power system transients caused by switching of large power unit transformer during minimum power generation conditions

Development and installation of the system for determination of the reasons of overhead lines disconnection according to fault voltage/current image

VP2-1.3-WM-02-K-04-129. Implementation of R&D activities for the development of smart grid devices (together with JSC Elektros inžinerija)

Algorithm for the data analysis and technical requirements for the 110-330 kV substations and switchgear overvoltages mathematical models, and determination of optimal overvoltage protection.

Selection of surge arresters and estimation of their working conditions at 110 kV substations (Kalvelių TP, Šilainių TP, Vilnius TE-2 TP and Lithuanian Power Plant TP)

Study “Selection of installation places and characteristics of surge protection devices and assessment of their working conditions” as a part of the project “Reconstruction and extension of 330 kV switchgear at 330/110/10 kV Alytus substation”:

Estimation of the remote control partitioning locations in distribution network

VP2-1.3-AM-01-K-02-070. Estimation of technological, economic and commercial opportunities of intelligent (smart) electricity network and introducing to local and international markets